CeloLaunch partners with MMICG

We are excited to announce that CeloLaunch has partnered and received an investment from MMICG


MMICG is a huge community in Vietnam with experienced cryptocurrency investors. They have followed CeloLaunch for a long time and realized that it is a great project and has potential in the future. MMICG wants to cooperate with CeloLaunch to make tasks, development and also support in marketing, advertising and increase the attraction of CeloLaunch to Vietnam community.

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About CeloLaunch

In spite of initially modest DeFi market capitalization, it has grown exponentially through the summer of 2020. By injecting decentralized governance and peer-to-peer access mechanics, all on-chain inclusive and incorruptible, the institutional landscape of DeFi is rapidly spreading, taking over, morphing and synthesizing the institutions of traditional finance.

Another important element driving the fast expansion is the sheer potential for community innovation enabled by the open source nature of the majority of the DeFi software. The foregoing leads to an obvious conclusion: we are in the early stages of forming a new institutional environment that will redefine the financial system as we know it in the coming decades, transforming it into something very different, something fair and efficient.

To replace the current financial system’s core institutions, decentralized apps have become increasingly sophisticated and efficient in terms of lending and borrowing mechanisms, risk management, and the formation of on-chain liquidities. The rate at which inventions occur has never been faster, and it is only going to get faster. With the launch of CeloLaunch, an IDO Platform based on Celo Network, that day has come. CeloLaunch’s major goal is to tackle the Celo Ecosystem’s illiquidity problem and give a single unified UX/UI on our platform — an important thing that usually getting neglected by other projects).

Launched in September 2021, provides a constantly expanding set of decentralized services by offering revolutionary, flexible technology to add value to the DeFi industry as a whole, in CELO Network specifically. Startups may boost their initiative and reward communities by utilizing our services.


If you are interested in a partnership (VC/Advisor/Marketing/Influencer), please contact us via email: contact@celolaunch.io

Please note: Be aware of scammers, we will never DM you first!

Stay updated!

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The First DeFi Launchpad on CELO Network

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The First DeFi Launchpad on CELO Network

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