cLA.Labs x Duckie Land

We are pleased to announce that CeloLaunch Labs have completed the project appraisal rounds and invested in Duckie Land.

About Duckie Land

1. Project Overview

Duckie Land is a metaverse multiplatform (PC, Android, IOS and VR) multiplayer online game that runs on the blockchain, and each Duckie is a non-fungible token or NFT. Millions of people can participate in the NFT world and earn reward tokens through skilful gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem.

Duckie Land is inspired by the love of every duck meme, duck emoji, duck character and everything about ducks. In the land of Duckie, players can collect, battle, farm, craft, and become the duckie lord.

You may also have a look at their auto-generated duckies at:

Here are some gameplay trailers of Duckie Land:

  • Duckie Battle
  • Duckie Farm, Mining, Logging & Fishing

2. GTM Strategy & Product Viablitity

Duckie Land gives gamers ownership of in-game assets and allows them to increase their value by actively playing the game. By participating in the in-game economy, players will receive rewards and create more value for other players and the ecosystem. The rewards for these digital assets are cryptocurrencies and in-game resources that are tokenized on the blockchain, which could become a new revenue stream for many people especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Duckie Land has a wide range of investors, backers and advisors and will conduct an IDO on 4 well-known launchpads: BinStarter, NFTb, Anypad, TrustPad, their GTM Strategy seems to be attracting users from other launchpads and followers of famous venture capitals.

Duckie Land is different from the majority of Play-To-Earn games available today following a click-to-earn gameplay, they have a variety of playstyles such as battle, farming, mining, logging, and fishing. These playstyles will not only keep players engaged in the game, but will also keep them focused on playing and experiencing rather than earning. Moreover, the idea of using another token named Wonderful Amazing Fantastic Excellent Reward ($WAFER) for rewarding to players which will not impact the price of governance token $MMETA.

3. Product Roadmap

4. Technologies

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • SDK for creating Duckie Land

5. Team

  • Duckie Land Team
  • Duckie Land Advisors

6. Partners & Backers

7. Token Economy

  • Governance Token — $MMETA

Duckie Multi Metaverse Token ($MMETA) is an BEP-20 governance token for the Duckie Land community. This token holders will shape the future of the Duckie universe by signaling their support for the improvement of the ecosystem and directing the use of the community driven game design.

Payment: $MMETA will be accepted as currency in the Duckie NFT marketplace. $MMETA can also be used to determine eligibility for participation in certain sales/auctions conducted by the Duckie team.

Staking: Players will be able to lock their tokens to receive newly created $MMETA. Stakers will also be asked to vote and play to claim prizes.

Government: The Community Treasury will go live and begin receiving revenue generated by Duckie as well as a portion of the betting prizes. This treasury will be managed by $MMETA stakeholders once the network becomes decentralized enough.

  • Reward Token — $WAFER

Players will receive the Wonderful Amazing Fantastic Excellent Reward ($WAFER) Token for actively participating in the game, especially by winning battles. $WAFER is an in-game currency that can be used for many activities, such as producing more Duckies and enhancing skills. Players can earn $WAFER by defeating the opposing Duckie or completing in-game objectives. The more they play, the more $WAFER they can collect. $WAFER is an uncapped utility token, which means its supply increases as more participants join the game.

There are four ways to earn Wonderful Amazing Fantastic Excellent Reward Token ($WAFER) in this game:

a) Complete the Daily Quest: The Daily Quest consists of several tasks, such as completing the Daily Check-In (by logging in to the game), completing several adventure stage levels (can be the same level each time), and winning several battle arena matches

b) Battle Monsters in Adventure Mode (PVE): Players battles against monsters.

c) Battle Players in Arena Mode (PVP): Players battles against other players’ Duckies.

d) Purchase from any decentralized exchange: Players can buy token rewards from others who sold their rewards for real money

e) Crafting (coming soon): After land and farming feature is implemented.

8. Detailed Token Metrics

  • Seed Sale

Fundraise$750,000Price$0.25Lock-up5% unlocked at TGE + 1 week, then unlocked daily for 10 months

  • Private Sale

Fundraise$2,700,000Price$0.3Lock-up10% unlocked at TGE + 1 day, then unlocked daily for 10 months

  • Public Sale

Fundraise$1,000,000Price$0.5Lock-up20% unlocked at TGE, then unlocked monthly for 4 months

9. Token Distribution

10. Official Links

About CeloLaunch Labs

CeloLaunch Labs — Venture Capital of CeloLaunch, identifies, aims, and empowers viably potential decentralized entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, providing financing to industry projects that help grow the project larger in Celo and other ecosystem.


About CeloLaunch

CeloLaunch provides a constantly expanding set of decentralized services by offering revolutionary, flexible technology to add value to the DeFi industry as a whole, in CELO Network specifically. Startups may boost their initiative and reward communities by utilizing our services. Our vision is to construct an autonomous launchpad on CELO after recognizing the CELO Network’s future potential.

Pitch Deck:
CertiK Audit:




The First DeFi Launchpad on CELO Network

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The First DeFi Launchpad on CELO Network

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