cLA.Labs x Sandwich Network

We are pleased to announce that CeloLaunch Labs have completed the project appraisal rounds and invested in Sandwich Network.

About Sandwich Network

1. Project Overview

Sandwich Network is the definite hub to start a cryptocurrency project. User-friendly and permissionless access to anyone. Sandwich is truly decentralized and non-custodial so any user that connects with a Web3 wallet can mint, launch, lock and use all future Dapps.

2. GTM Strategy & Product Viablitity

Sandwich Network is not only one of the projects that has its own product to show before launching ( but they also have a wide range of investors and advisors.

Sandwich Network has many features in its ecosystem serving for a decentralized finance.

  • SandwichBeta: Mint a token, launch a presale and lock tokens on various blockchains permissionless.
  • SandwichSAFU: Host private and public rounds for higher-level projects through a revolutionary platform with automatic KYC procedures. Get incubation through SandwichLabs.
  • SandwichSwap: Trade DEX tokens.
  • SandwichTools: Advertise & Check liquidity pool size, trades and all that has to do with the token your team has launched.

3. Product Roadmap

4. Revenue Streams

With the growth of the ecosystem, there will be multiple revenue stream opportunities that they can take from updates and new Dapps. They start with the most basic ones:

  • Flat fees: Flat fees are paid by project creators who use one of Sandwich’s services. Standard rates are 0.1 BNB for Minting, Launching and Locking.
  • Performance fees: Performance fees are percentage-based and depend on success of presales on SandwichLaunch. They will earn 2% of raised BNB (ETH/MATIC) and 2% of deposited tokens.
  • Advertising fees: Generating passive income through the SandwichAds (Stage 2) selfservice advertisement app. Extra income will be generated through manual promotion on Sandwich promo channels (Telegram/Twitter).

5. Technologies

  • Binance Smart Chain

6. Team

Though Sandwich Network team hasn’t revealed themselves to public, they have been working and talking with their investors and backers via video calls.

7. Partners & Backers

8. Token Economy

The Sandwich Network ($SANDWICH) is used to power the Sandwich Ecosystem as the native token. The token will mainly be used as a utility token on the various applications. Both project starters and investors will have various benefits such as discounts, premium access and liquidity mining. The team will constantly roll out new updates & Dapps with new ways of token utility so the token will become more and more useful over time.

  • Discounts: Holding X+ amount of $SANDWICH will result in using SandwichMint, SandwichLaunch and SandwichLock permanently at a discounted fee of 0.1 BNB.
  • SandwichSAFU: SandwichSAFU will have a fixed tier system based on the number of $SANDWICH tokens held. Holding more tokens will mean higher pool weight and possible allocation.
  • SandwichTools: Holding X+ amount of $SANDWICH will result in permanent access to the premium functions of SandwichTools such as wallet-tracking.
  • Additionally, the $SANDWICH holders will be able to participate in key governance votes, such as the development roadmap and new functionalities added to existing applications in the ecosystem

9. Detailed Token Metrics

  • Seed Sale

Fundraise$960,000Price$0.012Lock-up1 week cliff, 10% at cliff, follow by 12 months vesting

  • Private Sale

Fundraise$1,680,000Price$0.014Lock-up1 week cliff, 15% at cliff, follow by 10 months vesting

  • Public Sale

Fundraise$400,000Price$0.016Lock-up20% unlocked at TGE, follow by 3 months vesting

10. Token Distribution

11. Token Release Schedule

12. Official Links

About CeloLaunch Labs

CeloLaunch Labs — Venture Capital of CeloLaunch, identifies, aims, and empowers viably potential decentralized entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, providing financing to industry projects that help grow the project larger in Celo and other ecosystem.


About CeloLaunch

CeloLaunch provides a constantly expanding set of decentralized services by offering revolutionary, flexible technology to add value to the DeFi industry as a whole, in CELO Network specifically. Startups may boost their initiative and reward communities by utilizing our services. Our vision is to construct an autonomous launchpad on CELO after recognizing the CELO Network’s future potential.

Pitch Deck:
CertiK Audit:



The First DeFi Launchpad on CELO Network

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