cLA.Labs x Sandwich Network

About Sandwich Network

  • SandwichBeta: Mint a token, launch a presale and lock tokens on various blockchains permissionless.
  • SandwichSAFU: Host private and public rounds for higher-level projects through a revolutionary platform with automatic KYC procedures. Get incubation through SandwichLabs.
  • SandwichSwap: Trade DEX tokens.
  • SandwichTools: Advertise & Check liquidity pool size, trades and all that has to do with the token your team has launched.
  • Flat fees: Flat fees are paid by project creators who use one of Sandwich’s services. Standard rates are 0.1 BNB for Minting, Launching and Locking.
  • Performance fees: Performance fees are percentage-based and depend on success of presales on SandwichLaunch. They will earn 2% of raised BNB (ETH/MATIC) and 2% of deposited tokens.
  • Advertising fees: Generating passive income through the SandwichAds (Stage 2) selfservice advertisement app. Extra income will be generated through manual promotion on Sandwich promo channels (Telegram/Twitter).
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Discounts: Holding X+ amount of $SANDWICH will result in using SandwichMint, SandwichLaunch and SandwichLock permanently at a discounted fee of 0.1 BNB.
  • SandwichSAFU: SandwichSAFU will have a fixed tier system based on the number of $SANDWICH tokens held. Holding more tokens will mean higher pool weight and possible allocation.
  • SandwichTools: Holding X+ amount of $SANDWICH will result in permanent access to the premium functions of SandwichTools such as wallet-tracking.
  • Additionally, the $SANDWICH holders will be able to participate in key governance votes, such as the development roadmap and new functionalities added to existing applications in the ecosystem
  • Seed Sale
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale

About CeloLaunch Labs

About CeloLaunch



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