cLA.Labs x Stickman’s Battleground

6 min readFeb 22, 2022


We are pleased to announce that CeloLaunch Labs has completed the project appraisal rounds and invested in Stickman’s Battleground.

About Stickman’s Battleground

1. Project Overview

Anti-inflation Stickman’s Battleground is a Real-time Multiplayer Survival NFT Game inspired by Stickman and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Stickman’s Battleground prioritizes gamer experience by offering stunning design, engaging game flow combined with attractive crypto rewards. Beyond conventional P2E, Stickman’s Battleground is here to bring differentiated value to both the gaming community and crypto enthusiasts.

Stickman’s Battleground creates a fictional universe where players must fight and try to kill as many opponents as possible and avoid being knocked down. Players can enter the battle to earn STMAN tokens and purchase the Stickman NFT on the marketplace using that token.

2. GTM Strategy & Product Viability

The advent of blockchain and NFTs have revolutionized the gaming market by providing an equal playing field for all participants, providing players with the right of ownership and a source of income, and making their playing time worthwhile. Recent years marked a boom in blockchain-based games and NFT trend attracting hundreds of new players and creating thousands of transactions every day.
However, blockchain-based game is still in its early stage, there are problems existing for game players
Most of the gameFi projects are poorly designed and structured Players are not fully equipped with the necessary knowledge about tokens and NFTs Some still considered this as a risky investment The entry fee and gas fee are burdens to newcomers.
Understanding these potentials and problems, Stickman’s Battleground prioritizes gamer experience by offering stunning design, engaging game flow combined with attractive crypto rewards.

  • Stickman’s Battleground optimizes player advantage with low cost and risk

Stickman’s Battleground optimizes player advantage with low cost and risk to achieve a wide range of benefits for all investors and gamers. Enhancing gaming experience is our end goal. Let’s explore how the new trend goes!

  • The best anti-inflation mechanism

Stickman’s Battleground handles separate pools which are self-balancing based on the battleground of 30 players. No matter if there are 1000 pools or even 10000 pools daily, there is no inflation. No competitive landscape on weapons or no premium items, so the fairness is honored in-game Stman. Our mechanism is play-and-earn, not play-to-earn, the inflation rate is already zero.

Self-balancing Mechanism Says No With Inflation
  • Lowest Entry Fee Ever

Stickman’s Battleground organizes the battleground by optional size, time frame, and optional bet requested from the community and players. Players can choose battlegrounds fitting with their financial range as low as $1 and with no limit on the highest bet amount.Just enjoy the attractive survival game and win many valuable rewards with high-profit margins.

  • Free Play to Earn Mechanic

Players can watch ads to get free plays. Then they can fully engage in combat, claim prizes, and exchange rewards for in-game tickets without having to invest money in purchases or plays. All the ads here are interesting and related to the game & its ecosystem to provide more information to players.Each user viewing different ads will receive different amounts of $STMAN token rewards. The number of tokens will be locked in a smart contract preventing users from selling tokens unless they use those tokens to join the battleground. The unlock rate depends on the player’s position.

Prosperous Player’s Revenue Increase (Exact In-game Simulation)
  • Real-time Survival Gameplay

Transforming traditional P2E games into real-time multiplayer mechanisms with 30 players per round to ensure the game attractiveness and increase the challenging rate for all players in the battleground.

  • Profitable Staking & Yield Farming Ecosystem

Earning rewards and shared revenue through staking & yield farming pool with lucrative APR & APY along with lower or no gas fee.$STMAN token price is set to be progressive over time. Compound interest occurs right in IDO launching.

Well-structured Staking & Yield Farming Metrics

3. Product Roadmap

4. Technologies

  • Binance Smart Chain

5. Team

6. Partners & Backers

7. Token Economy

$STMAN will be used as a governance token in Stickman’s Battleground.

STMAN Utilities:

  • Payment

$STMAN tokens are used as a payment method on Stickman’s Battleground.

  • Staking/ Earning

Players are allowed to put $STMAN tokens in their wallet or someone else’s wallet for a specific period to get rewards from Stickman’s Battleground. This is aimed to create monetary incentives for the most dedicated and motivated players. Our staking mechanism takes place on BSC by several community validators and delegates. Validators take turns creating blocks and powering the BC network by processing transactions and signing blocks. In return, they earn rewards in $STMAN tokens. Through staking, delegators can choose their preferred validator and help them achieve the minimum stake required by the protocol. In effect, the authorizers are pooling their $STMAN tokens in their preferred validator.

  • Yield Farming

Users can invest their token in DeFi market and get a high return on their investment.

  • Syncing

Users can use $STMAN as a native token for other $STMAN models in Stickman’s Battleground’s ecosystem.

Benefits for Token Holders:

  • Staking: Stickman’s Battleground reserves a portion of tokens to award the top contributors on the platform: the most extended $STMAN holders or the biggest token holders.
  • Governance: Long-term stakeholders will have the right to vote and influence future Stickman’s Battleground changes.
  • Honors: Long-term stakeholders will be invited as judges or sponsors of Stickman’s Battleground programs and exhibitions in the future. In addition to these benefits, every quarter, Stickman’s Battleground analyzes the users’ behaviour they collected during the run of Stickman’s Battleground and come up with new features and advantages following the users’ needs.

8. Token Distribution

  • Token Name: Stickman
  • Ticker: $STMAN
  • Total Supply: 230,010,000
  • Initial Market Cap: $151,276

9. Official Links

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