DefiYield x CeloLaunch AMA Recap: Manage Your DeFi Life

6 min readFeb 25, 2022

CeloLaunch is happy to host an AMA with Sonali Gio | DefiYield of DefiYield on CeloLaunch Official Group. Let’s get more exciting information about DefiYield on this AMA Recap.

Chapter 1: Project Introduction

Q1: Can you talk about yourself, past experiences and the DefiYield team?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: Sure, my name is Sonali Head of Communications for DeFiYield. I got into the Crypto space in 2017, I used to hold educational workshops for locals in Vancouver Canada and I produced the first Blockchain Yacht cruise here on the west side of Canada. Now I work for DeFiYield and really enjoy what I do. Great team!

Q2: Can you briefly introduce DefiYield to our community? What is the idea behind DefiYield?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: The core concept for DeFiYield is that it’s a one stop shop asset management dashboard for DeFi users. So it’s a cross multi chain asset management dashboard that allows you to track, invest, swap into your favorite Yield Farming projects all from one place. We support 18 Chains, over 60 Yield Farming protocols and offer start of the art security tools that allow you to check for vulnerabilities in projects and avoid potential rug pulls or scams. Also you have access to multiple wallets in one place.

Q3: What triggers you to launch DefiYield? What are DefiYield’s unique selling points as compared to other similar projects in the industry?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: DeFiYield was started by investors for investors, we understand that the DeFi space has become a growing land of opportunity for users to profit from many projects. Any exciting space for many, however there are also many scams and risks, DeFiYield knows that in order for people to truly succeed in this space users need to feel safer and have a way they can catch these risks faster and much early on. Another pain point is that with so many accounts it’s tough to keep track, well we solve this by offering all the top Yield Farming protocols users can access from one place.

Well what makes DeFiYield so special and gives us a competitive advantage is that we are the only dashboard right now to support more than one type of chain because most if not all dashboards only can support one right now. DeFiYield supports EVM, Solano and Terra, with more coming. We give our users access to over 60 of the Top Yield Farming protocols, where they can track all their accounts, profits, rewards from one place. Also we offer the largest Audit and Rekt database in the world where you look up your protocol and check out the risk profile, see if it’s safe for you to invest in. Not to mention we have our own Blockchain and token coming out.

Q4: Can you go over the tokenomics? And can you explain the utility of your token?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: $DEFI is an ERC20 token with fixed total supply that is planned to be limited to 1 billion tokens. The token distribution is designed to be multi chain: $DEFI will be present on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. Users will be able to Stake, Swap, Hodl and participate in on-chain governance to vote on important decisions that evolve the future of DeFiYield.

Q4: Which partners have you been coordinating with so far?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: We actually have over 500 investors, which consist of Top VC’s, Angel investors, Exchanges, Crypto companies and influencers. They bring more than just capital to the table, they bring professional advisory, resources and meaningful connections. Most of all they align with our values of Community first. So we are honored to be backed by so many great people.

Q5: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, and also share your roadmap?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield:

We actually achieved a lot in such a short amount of time, but to name a few, we have achieved being the first dashboard to crack the code and support EVM, Solan and Terra chains. Creating a multi cross chain dashboard, We are the First to offer the Largest Audit / Rekt Database in the world where users can look up Yield Farming protocols and check their risk profile to see it’s safe for them to invest in, also we have Youtube channel that offers DeFi tutorials on how to Yield Farm and we interview the top leaders in the DeFi and blockchain space. We also published an Amazon best selling book called The Wall Street Era is Over.

Wall Street Era is Over Book :

Chapter 2: Live questions with CeloLaunch community.

Q1: IS Defiyield platform suitable for Crypto beginners or does it only appeal to professional users?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: Yes absolutely! We value community first and on that note, we see the importance of onboarding non crypto users or beginners, the way to do that is to first help educate them on how to get started and what is DeFi. So we’ve created a lot of educational content that deliver through our Ultimate Yield Farming Guides, Youtube tutorials, DeFi and Blockchain guest interviews, Blogs and Amazon best selling book called the Wall Street Era is Over -DeFiYield

Q2: Is your whitepaper paper launched if yes then please share with us?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: Yes here is the WhitePaper for all to read and check out

Q3: Do you also plan on having various communities to ensure the growth of DeFiYield?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: Yes we are working with community leaders right now from across the world to give people in other countries access to DeFiYield.

Q4: Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How to make a profit / What is the revenue of the token? What is the income model?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: Revenue will be generated by our token $DEFI, from commission transaction fees, also anytime our Blockchain is used by any Yield Farming protocols, we earn a portion of each project’s transaction fees.

Q5: What is the compelling reason why no one should pass up this promising project?

Sonali Gio | DefiYield: Because we are the First dashboard to support more than one chain type where most only support one, DeFiYield supports EVM , Solana, Terra and Cardano chains in a few weeks. We have the largest Audit/ Rekt database in the world that all users can access and users can access multiple wallets from one place across 800 Yield Farming protocols by the end of 2022.

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