Introducing MetaCelo — The First IDO of CeloLaunch

In this article, we will have an overview over MetaCelo an extremely attractive and promising Metaverse GameFi project on Celo Network.

About MetaCelo

1. Project Overview

MetaCelo is a Play-To-Earn Metaverse NFT Game on Celo Network where players become monster trainers and experience their own adventures in an open-world role-playing blockchain game.

MetaCelo, with its vintage design and nostalgic feeling, is a metaverse formed from childhood dreams of Pokemon on the Game Boy Advanced portable game device which is a nostalgic and delightful experience. It was founded with the intention of creating a place for players to mingle and connect while exploring the cryptocurrency metaverse. As a community-driven project, we would like to provide our users a secure and pleasant environment.

MetaCelo Interface


Our goal is to establish the Metaverse to connect individuals in the DeFi sector, assist them in earning money via game features, and simplify DeFi by utilizing our dapp as a one-stop shop for all DeFi platforms.

MetaCelo Shop & MetaCelo Marketplace


MetaCelo is integrated two main features. DeFi features includes DEX, Farming/ Staking, NFT, Launchpad. The other is Game Feature.

  • DEX: We will integrate SushiSwap and cLASwap, the two biggest decentralized exchanges on Celo Network, where users can directly purchase cMETA to participate in MetaCelo world without opening any other application windows.
  • Farming/ Staking: People joining in MetaCelo are able to add liquidity pair of $cMETA and $CELO in Farming Area to start earning passive income. We would also integrate more liquidity pairs in this metaverse.
  • NFT: In MetaCelo, people may mint NFTs from other projects building on Celo Network and may trade these NFTs to each other.
  • Launchpad: MetaCelo will have its own launchpad to assist our gamers discover new and potential projects and invest in them. Furthermore, we will integrate different launchpads so that our users may access numerous projects at the same time.
  • Game Features: Store, Flea Market, Monster Release, PvE, PvP, Items,..


As mentioned, besides the DeFi applications in MetaCelo, it is also integrated the Play-To-Earn features where investors become the monster trainers and may earn cMETA throughout the adventure.

Here are some gameplay trailers of MetaCelo:

  • Walking around the MetaCelo Universe
  • Joining battle of monsters

2. GTM Strategy & Product Viablitity

In early December 2021, the MetaCelo conducted research and discovered that there has been no game development on the Celo Network, they recognized this as their golden opportunity to establish the first blockchain gaming on this potential network. The team was founded at the time.

Following that, MetaCelo approached CeloLaunch Labs, the venture capital of CeloLaunch — the leading launchpad on Celo Network. After passing their proposal evaluation stages, MetaCelo garnered significant interest from CeloLaunch users and 30+ partners. This was the great GTM strategy from MetaCelo.

MetaCelo team is well aware that the majority of Play-To-Earn games available follows a click-to-earn playstyle which makes players feel bored. They chose to create a nostalgia gameplay based on the childhood game named Pokémon where you can control your character to interact with other NPCs and players, join the battles of monsters, evolve monsters to be stronger, explore the game world,… The gameplay will keep players engaged in the game and also keep them focused on playing and experiencing rather than earning.

3. Product Roadmap

4. Revenue Streams

As an ecosystem of DeFi mixed features and Play-To-Earn, there will be multiple revenue stream opportunities that MetaCelo can take from:

  • Transaction fee of Token contract: Few percent of a transaction will be charged as a fee and used for marketing works and game development.
  • NFT: NFT projects launching on MetaCelo need to pay a fee.
  • Launchpad: Projects launching IDO on MetaCelo need to pay a fee.
  • AMA Event: MetaCelo is pleased to host AMAs with other NFT or GameFi projects building on Celo Network, the projects need to pay a fee.

5. Technologies

  • Celo Network
  • Unity
  • Tiled Map Editor
  • Aseprite

6. Team

Though MetaCelo team hasn’t revealed themselves to public, they have been done KYC procedure with CeloLaunch.

7. Partners & Backers

8. Token Economy

MetaCelo ($cMETA) token is developed on Celo Network which is a secure, fast, and incredibly low-cost network where you may battle and earn rewards without hesitation of fees. $cMETA is used for:

  • A currency in this Metaverse to purchase item: monster eggs, outfits, mounts, hairstyles, energy potions,..
  • Staking and Farming in Farming Area
  • Join Arena and battle with other monster trainers

9. Detailed Token Metrics

  • Private Sale

Fundraise$270,000Price$0.03Lock-up10% release during TGE, 10% will release per month

  • ILO

Fundraise$720,000Price$0.04Lock-up15% release during TGE, 15% will release per month

  • Community Sale

Fundraise$200,000Price$0.04Lock-up15% release during TGE, 15% will release per month

10. Token Distribution

11. Official Links

About CeloLaunch Labs

CeloLaunch Labs — Venture Capital of CeloLaunch, identifies, aims, and empowers viably potential decentralized entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, providing financing to industry projects that help grow the project larger in Celo and other ecosystem.


About CeloLaunch

CeloLaunch provides a constantly expanding set of decentralized services by offering revolutionary, flexible technology to add value to the DeFi industry as a whole, in CELO Network specifically. Startups may boost their initiative and reward communities by utilizing our services. Our vision is to construct an autonomous launchpad on CELO after recognizing the CELO Network’s future potential.

Pitch Deck:
CertiK Audit:




The First DeFi Launchpad on CELO Network

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The First DeFi Launchpad on CELO Network

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