Introducing MetaCelo — The First IDO of CeloLaunch

About MetaCelo

MetaCelo Interface


MetaCelo Shop & MetaCelo Marketplace


  • DEX: We will integrate SushiSwap and cLASwap, the two biggest decentralized exchanges on Celo Network, where users can directly purchase cMETA to participate in MetaCelo world without opening any other application windows.
  • Farming/ Staking: People joining in MetaCelo are able to add liquidity pair of $cMETA and $CELO in Farming Area to start earning passive income. We would also integrate more liquidity pairs in this metaverse.
  • NFT: In MetaCelo, people may mint NFTs from other projects building on Celo Network and may trade these NFTs to each other.
  • Launchpad: MetaCelo will have its own launchpad to assist our gamers discover new and potential projects and invest in them. Furthermore, we will integrate different launchpads so that our users may access numerous projects at the same time.
  • Game Features: Store, Flea Market, Monster Release, PvE, PvP, Items,..


  • Walking around the MetaCelo Universe
  • Joining battle of monsters
  • Transaction fee of Token contract: Few percent of a transaction will be charged as a fee and used for marketing works and game development.
  • NFT: NFT projects launching on MetaCelo need to pay a fee.
  • Launchpad: Projects launching IDO on MetaCelo need to pay a fee.
  • AMA Event: MetaCelo is pleased to host AMAs with other NFT or GameFi projects building on Celo Network, the projects need to pay a fee.
  • Celo Network
  • Unity
  • Tiled Map Editor
  • Aseprite
  • A currency in this Metaverse to purchase item: monster eggs, outfits, mounts, hairstyles, energy potions,..
  • Staking and Farming in Farming Area
  • Join Arena and battle with other monster trainers
  • Private Sale
  • ILO
  • Community Sale

About CeloLaunch Labs

About CeloLaunch



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